Wednesday, January 11, 2006

We've moved!

As predicted, "I Am Bae" is now closed and I've officially opened the next-site, BaeDotCom. Exciting stuff, no? Visit the new site for the blog, BaeBlog, as well as video clips (previously on, photos (from shutterfly + Myspace) and listen to the BaeCasts! Everyone is a winner! Except blind people. But expect a braille version soon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Introducing BaeDotCom and BaeCast II

Half a year has gone by since I launched "I am Bae," which was my replacement for "AZNmoosefondler," my Xanga account that I shut down out of boredom and the fact that everyone had it. But now I'm doing it again just months later!!

Today Apple said that they're going to update iLife with something called "iWeb," which would allow me to make my own website, complete with Pictures, movie clips, and, yes, the next-generation of my BaeCasts!!!!

This new iLife program includes this thing called Garageband 3, which allows me to make my own Podcasts (like the old one did, but this is actually MADE for it) and easily upload them to my .mac website.

So this means that, using iLife '06 (that program that Apple put out!), I'm going to work on and roll out:

-BaeDotCom, which would be a general website that includes...
--BaeBlog, my new blog, which will include full pictures and general newsy stuffs
--BaePix, which will show any and all new pictures that I find need displaying
--BaeFlix, which may or may not happen, and is a place where I'll show off some video clips

And of course, the sequel to the ill-fated BaeCast:

--BaeCast II: a sweet new upgrade to the original BaeCast that will include:
<*>Background Music
<*>iTunes + iPod compatiblity, meaning you can subscribe to it in iTunes (if I submit it) and put it on your iPod for BaeToGo

All of this is coming up in the next few days! Woo

Friday, January 06, 2006

16!!!!!!!! Vroom?

So tomorrow morning I go to take the test to get my license! This is probably the most exciting thing since my Black Belt Test but I'm extremely nervous...

But then I think about all the bad drivers that GET their licenses.... and I mean I know what everything is in the car and I know all those stupid little rules like complete stops (who does that anyways) or up up and away along with the parking break and turning around corners (turn the wheel the way you need to go) and to signal like ANY time the wheels turn... god i hope I pass!!!!!

Champagne for my Real Friends // Sound of settling = 2 Favorite Songs right now

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Office!!

tonites episode was like god's present to me it was too awesome and hilarious and good except that theyre making it really obvious about pam leaving roy but Roy set a date (June 10) for their wedding and then Jim broke up with Katy, the purse lady that he met in the last episode of season one and then he told michael that he liked pam... oooooh this is pretty good stuff im buying that on iTunes fo sho.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

MOJO mojy

You keep sayin' you'll start thrustin' for me.
thrustin' for my love, but confess.
You've been thrustin' where you shouldn't have been a thrustin'
and now someone else is gettin' all your best.

These hips are made for thrustin', and that's just what they'll do
one of these days these hips are gonna thrust all over you.

You keep struttin'', when you oughta be shakin'
and you keep gambling' when you oughta not bet.
You keep dollars' when you oughta be changin'.
Now what's right is left, but you ain't been up yet.

These lips are made for poppin', and that's just what they'll do
one of these days these lips are gonna pop all over you.

You keep fhahahhahadnf' where you shouldn't be fhehehehehednf'
and you keep singing' that you´ll never get a prom dress.
Ha! I just found me a brand new box of Joseph St. Marcomarcomarco yeah
and what he know you ain't HAD time to learn.

Are you ready hips? Start humpin'!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


So um I was in a crapshitty mood the other night because I was in the process of making plans when they were brutally mauled to death by other folk. And it pissed the crap outta me so Jenny aNd Natalie and I went out and around town for the night and went crazy we drove around listening to music and video taping it and then we went to see Cheaper By the Dozen 2 which was really funny and I got to stay out 2 hours PAST curfew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i found out that my curfew gets bumped up to ELEVEN IN A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST DAY EVAR

Sunday, December 25, 2005


So I'm one of those big wierdo types that find it really hard to sleep when something cool is coming up or when someone gives me something really cool or something... i.e. the night I got my laptop I didn't sleep, and for the past christmases I've tried very hard to battle with can't-sleep-mentality. But I am using that this year to write my christmas Post!

So the last few days have been just awesome... Let's pull up an excerpt from my christmas Log.

Friday, December 23, 2005

-Well today was Festivus... I woke up nice and early... Jenny and Mom were already gone. They went downtown.
-Dad came up and said good morning and then went into the shower. I went downstairs and had something to eat.
-I finished eating and went back upstairs and then decided to hop in the shower.
-I got out about the same time he did. He got ready and left for work.
-I was pretty bored out of my mind... so a few hours passed and I decided it was time for some food.
-I went downstairs and made myself some delicious Spagghetio's. They were godly. Along with my good friend Mr. Coca-Cola.
-Oh and at one point I spent about an hour, yes, an hour, trying to play "Sugar, We're Going Down" on the piano.
-I went upstairs and tried to sleep. But I got a phone call from Tita Special asking about my dad's favorite Sox Player... so I couldn't sleep.
-I uploaded some pictures from the previous night for the sake of time-passing.
-Then I watched the ENTIRE, yes, entire season of Arrested Development. I was very, very bored.
-After that I tried to sleep again, only mom and Jenny came home a few minutes afterwards, and that woke me up.
-After looking at all their new goodies and getting some sweet compensation, we pretty much just got ready...
-I went downstairs to play Canon in C, and then I went upstairs and my dad was here already. But it was surprising.
-We watched a DVD until we had to leave for Casey's
-I played the music via my shuffle on the ride there.
-We got there and everyone was there...
-We ate delicious Bucca di Beppo!
-After that we sorta hung around and then Casey opened all his gifts... he got a lot of PSP stuff and a big Lincoln Navigator car and Family Guy lights...
-Um then I opened mine, it was 3 PSP games and a movie, which were very good and well thought out, like last year's ($100 to iTunes)
-After that was over we started playing "Cranium Hoopla" which was hilarious and fun. We won with less than 2 minutes on the clock... but Jema and Brian almost screwed the game up... hmm....
-After winning that we decided to play Charades and had some particular hilarious moments (Tita Special doing her Prince impression)
-And then everyone became really tired and we all left for home at around 12:30.
-We got home and pretty much fell fast asleep.

Friday, December 24, 2005

-Christmas Eve!!
-I woke up particularly late. I got myself out of bed and then went to shower right away.
-I got back out and it was already 11 am. I played some of the new PSP things from the night before and went downstairs.
-We ordered Omega food and listened to Christmas songs. Mom was making pastry things for the party and they were REALLY good. Jenny was making purses as gifts!
-I drove to get the food. The Omega parking lot was insane and it was raining... which sucked.
-We got the goods and left.
-We got home, and I pulled in PERFECTLY. It was divine.
-Then I ate my food (Chicken Parmesean) and that was really good and hot too.
-After that I went to my computer and uploaded Casey's Birthday Photos. those were great.
-I finished up and went upstairs to my room. It was about 2 and I wanted to pass the time because that night would be one of my favorite days ever.
-I tried watching videos... but got REALLY bored so I fell asleep on purpose.
-I had a bizarre dream about summer school... it was a big room with this guy from Bio and he had a freaky face and Paul was there... and Sean was saying something about the teacher who I couldn't see.
-I woke up at 4:52 (for some reason I remember the time really well)
-Then Jenny came in and told me the gameplan for the party.
-A while went by and then we got ready to leave.
-I changed into my picture shirt and we took the family photo.
-After that I put my vest on and we were on our way! Me and Jenny went to the party and mom and dad went to the Movies for the night to see Cheaper by the Dozen 2.
-We drove there and got in kinda late because my mom was taking forever earlier.
-We arrived and people commented on our dorky sweaters!!
-Then we went downstairs. I called to see where Casey was and surely enough they were outside.
-Finally they were there so we went downstairs and sat around, then started the TV up.
-We ate some yummy shrimp tempura and rice (among all the other assorted korean whatnot, and the random platter of sushi)
-Then we popped in "Be Cool" into Uncle Scott's big TV and watched it. It was funny.
-After a while we got bored so we went upstairs to open gifts so we could leave.
-Casey got Mr. Bean DVD sets, Simpsons and Family Guy, and a Motorola Bluetooth Headset!!
-Jenny got a real diamond necklace and matching earrings. She was excited so so was I.
-I got a 60GB (!!!!) video iPod!!
-We took a picture then said goodbye to everyone.
-We left and came home. Mom and dad were done with the film as well.
-We sat and talked about the party and had coffee. Then went upstairs to watch "A Miracle on 34th Street."
-It was a really good movie... then I went upstairs and fell asleep while listening to my newly acquired iPod!!

So pretty much, after a REALLY slow Friday daytime, everything started moving REALLY fast... like faster than ever. The BEST parts of my Baefamily Pseudo Christmas Season (That means December 23, 24, and 25... 3 days of insaaaaanity) were definitely the interesting Charades game at Casey's... the rather adult-themed "Cranium Hoopla" (deemed Adulty when we found cards that said "Viagra," "Drag Queen," and a creepy card that said "Circus" and had an angry midget clown)... seeing CASE again.... and his dad's lovely shiny new Xbox that I am very jealous of... then that cool moment on Saturday when we were all in the kitchen (the four of us, that is, me, Jenny, mom, dad) rocking out to Christmas tunes and making stuff for the party... then of course the awkwardness of sitting in the basement of my uncle's house with Case and his family watching "Be Cool" (Y'know, that sequel nobody watched with John Travolta and Uma)... then of course there was seeing my rather pudgy uncle sleeping on his couch, which was so utterly bizzare that I was lost for words (so much that I kept 1,000 words by taking a picture of his slothy stage).... taking all the Shrimp Tempura at the dinner, and then of course seeing Sandy (aunt's deaf dog... the one me and case tried to drown last summer) and then seeing Maximus (My aunt's cousin's really nasty scrawny dog who has a peeing problem...)... oh and of course Maximus' "Pee thing" which was a wrap that she put around him to prevent him from peeing in the house. But the second she took it off he came in really happy and she was suspicious, and surely enough he had crapped on her floor... and then of course there was getting my christmas present which was um... expensive and shiny... and really big? :P

So that was my huge Christmas Paragraph. It's like 5:20 right now as I type this so a lot more time until the sun comes up... :P But I'm happy to say that this is MY 100th Post!!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!